Issue Nineteen – That is an expansion vessel.

Issue Eighteen – A lead lock is used for joining a lead pipe to a copper pipe.

Issue Seventeen – It could cause three things: incomplete combustion, excessive boiler temperature and the flue might not be able to handle the extra products of combustion.

Issue Sixteen – Apparently, the average person spends three whole years of their life sitting on the toilet. Lovely!

Issue Fifteen – On average, a spray tap saves 50% water!

Issue Fourteen – The answer is 1 in 200 (G3.56b)

Issue Thirteen – A high limit or overheat cut-out device is designed to stop the cylinder overheating if the first thermostat fails.

Issue Twelve – A hopper head is a large bucket type fitting for collecting rainwater from two or more rainwater pipes.

Issue Eleven – Dezincification is the breakdown of zinc in brass fittings by the electrolytic corrosion between zinc and copper. This occurs in some soil and water conditions, especially in soft-water areas.





Issue Nineteen – That is Chris Corken, Head of Science, Engineering and Construction at Belfast Metropolitan College.

Issue Eighteen – That was Bedford College.

Issue Seventeen – This lecturer is from Suffolk New College.

Issue Sixteen – These two are from PETROC.

Issue Fifteen – Those two happy chappies are from Coleg y Cymoedd.

Issue Fourteen – That is West Herts College.

Issue Thirteen – You would find that workshop at Bridgend College.

Issue Twelve – That is the plumbing workshop at Petroc!

Issue Eleven – You can find that wall of inspiration at Bridgend College, one of our hosting colleges this year.