Graham launches new smart home range

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Graham Plumbers’ Merchants has launched a brand-new range to allow customers to remotely monitor heating controls, smart plugs and security sensors – via their smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Altech Smart Home range offers homeowners improved energy efficiency and security at an accessible price, and now includes Wireless TRVs, the Altech Smart Plug and window/door sensors.

At the centre of an Altech Smart Home System is the Altech Universal Gateway. This enables the user to fully connect every device so they can interact seamlessly.

However, unlike other smart home systems, the Gateway is the only device that needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Each of the products in the Altech Smart Home range has been carefully designed to deliver a bespoke experience.

The Altech Smart Programmable Thermostat with RF and the Altech Wireless TRV enables customers to set minimum and maximum temperatures for each room within their home, with the option to turn off the display to preserve battery life.

The Scan My Home feature allows the user to quickly see the status of products in the Altech Smart Home Range.

It can be connected to both door and window sensors, which acknowledge when these are opened or closed.

An Altech Smart Plug simply fits into a traditional socket and allows powering the socket to be controlled remotely – ideal for switching lights on and off when not at home.

All of the products work with the Altech Smart Home App, which gives you an overview of which products are being used and can be accessed remotely.

Multiple properties can also be monitored.

In addition, the Altech Smart Button is a simple and easy to use device that connects wirelessly with the Altech Universal Gateway as part of the Smart Home system.

It allows the user to activate pre-programmed complex Smart Home Rules, which can be triggered to remotely turn other devices in the range off in order to save energy, without the need for the app.

Natalie Bird, category manager, Smart, LBM and Heating Spares at Graham said: “I’m really excited about the new Altech Smart Home range. The products are affordable, simple to use and help to make our busy lives just that little bit easier.

“At Graham, we always put the customer first and want to offer our installers an affordable Smart Home solution for their customers.

“This is why we’re so excited about the launch of Altech’s new Smart Home range.”

To download the new Smart brochure, please visit www.grahamplumbersmerchant.co.uk.

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