The Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) has compiled a list of the most complained about plumbers in the UK.

WRAS submitted Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to every council in the UK with Trading Standards authority, to determine the areas where most complaints were lodged about plumbing tradesmen.

They are now urging customers to use qualified and approved plumbers.

Despite there being more than 7,000 complaints lodged to UK councils in the last two years, only 12 fines were issued.

Cardiff County Council topped the list of the councils to receive the most complaints about plumbers in the UK.

A whopping 741 complaints were received by Cardiff County Council’s Trading Standards department about plumbing work or products, more than twice as many as second place Surrey County Council which received 313.

Cardiff wasn’t the only county to receive a high number of complaints in Wales. The Vale of Glamorgan Council also reported 153.

While the South East of England had hundreds of complaints across Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire, which all made the top ten.

Julie Spinks, managing director of WRAS, said: “Consumers are experiencing problems with plumbers up and down the country. Whilst it’s encouraging to see that so many are using their right to complain about bad tradesmen, it’s worrying that so many have felt the need to.

“I’d urge anyone looking for a plumber to always go through an approved scheme, such as WaterSafe or through their water company, which vets them to check they are suitably qualified and insured to carry out domestic work and ensure your work complies with water fittings regulations.”


The councils which reported the most complaints about plumbing tradesmen were:

  1. Cardiff County – 741
  2. Surrey County – 313
  3. Essex County – 305
  4. Norfolk County – 299
  5. Kent County – 298
  6. Stoke City – 174
  7. Hertfordshire County – 167
  8. Vale of Glamorgan – 153
  9. Durham County – 144
  10. Gloucestershire – 140