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ADEY says new British Standard marks significant industry turning point

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Global water treatment and magnetic filtration manufacturer, ADEY, has welcomed the publication of the new British Standard, BS 7593:2019 – helping to drive the adoption of best practice in whole system health, not simply boiler protection.

The revised standard for the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic heating and cooling water systems came into effect on 31 May 2019, superseding BS 7593:2006 which was immediately withdrawn.

Key changes

The standard now includes the following key changes for those specifying, installing and maintaining domestic heating and cooling systems:

The changes aim to drive greater consideration for correct water treatment chemistry and filtration including prevention, maintenance and monitoring to properly protect a system for the long term.

adey british standard

Dr Neil Watson, ADEY’s Chief Technical Officer, explains: “We welcome the publication of the fully revised BS 7593:2019. The changes made acknowledge that chemical water treatment isn’t a fit and forget solution, and magnetic filters shouldn’t just be considered a ‘nice to have’.

“Including these solutions in British Standard’s BS 7593 recognises a critical shift in moving the industry towards a holistic approach to system maintenance.

“A high proportion of boilers that fail in the first year do so because of poor water quality, so by introducing regular testing and redosing, proper system cleaning and the mandatory installation of an in-line filter to the industry’s code of practice, we can significantly improve the efficiency and life expectancy of every household system.

“This represents massive potential to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.”

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