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Is time off a pipe dream for plumbers and gas engineers?

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A recent survey has found that on average, plumbers and gas engineers only take 18 days of holiday per year – compared to other UK full-time workers who are entitled to a minimum of 28 days’ paid holiday.

Glow-worm, in association with OnePoll, quizzed 300 tradespeople on their work-life balance and holiday preferences and found the amount of time they have off falls well short of the national average.

When asked which factors stop them from going on holiday, 39% of electricians and 30% of gas engineers and plumbers stated it was down to their busy work schedule. Cost is also a barrier for 39% of gas engineers/plumbers and approximately a third of builders, carpenters and electricians.

This struggle to take a break, combined with money worries, can have serious consequences on mental health.

In fact, 49% of ‘general tradespeople’ and 45% of gas engineers/plumbers agree that ‘taking regular holidays is necessary for good mental health’.

Mystery Trip

Reasons like these are why Glow-worm recently relaunched its Mystery Trip, allowing 80 lucky heating engineers to be whisked away on an all-expenses-paid trip to the now-revealed secret location: Vietnam.

Holidaymakers will be treated to a stay at the luxury hotel, InterContinental Saigon, alongside a whole host of activities such as exploring the city of Ho Chi Minh (commonly known as Saigon), a cooking class with Vietnamese Australian chef – Luke Nguyen – for a true cultural and culinary experience, and a tour of the lush Mekong Delta region.

Perfectly matched with the top voted activities from the survey – 62% opted for eating out and 52% chose sightseeing – the itinerary is set to be a people pleaser.

Installers can secure their place by hitting their personalised target of Glow-worm installations via Club Energy.

glow-worm mystery trip time off survey

Spencer Clark, commercial director at Glow-worm said: “Time off should be viewed as an investment in your wellbeing, rather than a detraction from your usual earnings. It doesn’t have to be a full week; even just a day spent winding down and doing something enjoyable can help to re-set your mind and make you more productive when you do return to work.

“We know that time away from work can help to improve wellbeing and increase productivity, making initiatives like the Mystery Trip invaluable to tradespeople who feel as though they can’t any time off the job.”

For more information on the Glow-worm Mystery Trip, please visit: www.mysterytrip.glow-worm.co.uk.

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