Mirrorstone Infrared Panels: the smart way to heat

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Mirrorstone Infrared Panel Heaters represent a newer, smarter way to heat a home or a business, providing 21st century solutions to the age-old problems of too little space and sky-high heating bills.

They achieve this by combining good old-fashioned common sense with up-to-the-minute technology that harnesses the power of EM radiant waves, similar to those emitted by the sun. This makes infrared a completely safe and healthy form of heat that’s literally been around since the dawn of time!

Unlike traditional convection, infrared heats the objects in a room and not the air, which is a far more energy efficient method and one that can save the user up to 60% on their heating bills when they switch.

If this sounds too good to be true, take a look at the “How it Works” page and you’ll see that it isn’t!

Of very simple construction and containing no moving parts, Mirrorstone IR Panel Heaters seldom malfunction and come with a 5-year warranty as standard. As a result, they require no servicing throughout their 30-year lifespan and no maintenance other than an occasional wipe clean with a soft cloth.

At just 22mm thick, they’re sleek and space-saving, especially when affixed to a wall or a ceiling – an incredibly simple task that one person can achieve in just half an hour. Whereas conventional storage heaters are generally mounted low on a wall where there’s a danger to curious fingers, IR Panels can be placed high up where they’re safely out of the way.

Out of the many different types of Mirrorstone Infrared Panel on offer, perhaps the most popular are the Image IR Panels. Customers love the fact that any image from the massive selection can be printed directly onto their PET surface, allowing them to be shrewdly disguised as an attractive picture.

Custom or “Bespoke” IR Panel Heaters take it one step further, allowing customers to choose their very own picture from a family album or the internet and have it printed onto a panel.

There are other types of Infrared Panel Heater to choose from, including those that are great for the bathroom like the Mirrored Panels, stylish and minimal Glass IR Panels, and White IR Panels that can be concealed within a suspended ceiling.

Mirrorstone Heating is also offering retailers the opportunity to become resellers of its infrared heating products. So, if you want to be a part of the new heating revolution, phone Mirrorstone Heating today on 0116 436 2250 and visit the website at www.mirrorstoneheating.co.uk/ to find out how.


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