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WATCH: Coventry College students enjoy Mira Showers’ Headstart Session

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A group of new Level 1 plumbing students were given an industry insight into showers through Mira Showers’ Headstart training.

The 15 students from Coventry College, who only began their course last week, were taught about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of showers.

The hands-on half day course has been designed to give students a broad introduction to showers and is delivered by lecturers with real-life experiences of working in the plumbing trade.

All colleges that complete Headstart training can enjoy free shower products to be used for training purposes.

During the three hour session, the students were told that 2.2 million showers are sold in the UK each year – and that Mira Showers is responsible for 41p in every £1 spent on them.

Andrew Barnard, from Mira Showers, shared his insight about how to install various types of showers, such as mixer and digital.

He said: “The purpose of us calling to Coventry College with Mira is to introduce some of the new students to Mira, so they understand a little bit of what Mira is all about.

“It’s also to understand what some of the products are that they will be fitting as they go through their career.”

He gave the group tips, such as: “The number one reason why electric showers stop working within the warranty period is that they are siliconed up.

“If you ever get involved in electric showers, please use the right isolation valves – this is critical.

“Through college and through work, the Mira website has all sorts of stuff which is effective for you, such as installation videos.”

Headstart is a college program where Mira give further education colleges, across the UK, a huge range of materials to train the next generation of shower installers.

Dan Martin, from Mira, added: “Mira has always had a really good ethos around apprenticeships. Internally, we take on around ten apprentices a year across a range of different departments.

“Headstart is a way for us to take that ethos, that resource into apprenticeships beyond our gates and speak to the future of the industry.

“It’s all about getting them confident, competent with the products, so when they’re out in the industry they’re not surprised, they’re happy to fit Mira because they’ve seen it throughout their college courses.”

The session is engaging, containing multiple practical elements and is tailored to the level of student undertaking the session.

Visit https://www.mirashowers.co.uk/for-the-expert/headstart or head to Facebook for more information and to book your session.

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