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What is the Syphon Sucker?

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Putting your mouth to a hose pipe could be a foul experience – Syphon Sucker is designed to remove the risk.

Tyrone Harnett, from PlumbPal Innovations, explains why his product can help remove the risks associated with making oral contact with a hose.

Extensive research has revealed plumbers hose pipes are exposed to the foulest of jobs and is a perfect host for a breeding ground.

Once heating equipment has been drained for de-commissioning or for maintenance purposes, the hose pipe is stored away in a van, subject to ambient temperature rises for pathogens and microbial
slime to develop and multiply to alarming levels.

A plumber’s hose pipe commonly discharges noxious chemicals when flushing out heating systems and substantial amounts of waterborne ferromagnetic particulates and other contaminants will
be entrained. Impurities also harbour at the very bottoms of cylinders, storage tanks and WC cisterns.

The open end of a plumbers hose pipe may terminate within a manhole drain or open gully, both of which, carry their own hidden dangers and risks of infection.

One typical scenario to challenge a plumber in the field is when a hot water cylinder drain off cock washer is jammed against the inside of drain off. When this departs from the spindle, it prevents the cylinder from draining effectively. In this instance, a plumber is faced with sucking on the open end of the dirty hose pipe to empty the cylinder without actually knowing if the contents is draining.

Furthermore, the hose pipe is likely to get kinked at the point where it exits the cylinder outlet, restricting the flow rate and increasing the time to deplete.

Another equally common scenario in the field is when cold water storage tanks within roof spaces need emptying for removal. Depending on the tanks size and height of the tank connectors, will determine the amount of residual fluid volume for syphoning out.

Furthermore, a hose pipe is likely to become unstable and fall out of the tank, resting upon the surrounding glass fibre loft insulation. This inconvenience stops the syphonic action and requires re-sucking on the contaminated hose pipe once again.

Health and safety must always remain high on our agenda, prior and during any work activity where there are risks attached. Preventative techniques must be exercised to mitigate risks and exposure to these hidden unseen dangers.

What could be lurking inside a plumber’s hose pipe?

To eliminate dangers and risks associated with syphoning, simply invest in a Syphon Sucker device – invented by plumbers, for plumbers – to safely remove contaminated fluids and effectively decommission a variety of equipment. The anti-kink sleeve accommodates a plumbers’ hose pipe to prevent slowing down the flow and the stability bracket attaches to a storage tank to prevent hose pipe from moving.

Advantages of the Syphon Sucker

Watch the Syphon Sucker info video here.

For more information visit: www.SyphonSucker.co.uk

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