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Which days of the year are plumbers & heating engineers busiest?

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Heating specialist Boiler Guide has analysed five years’ worth of data to find out which days of each year boiler repair enquiries have been consistently high.


With homeowners relying on their heating system more during the winter, an increase in boiler repairs is to be expected. Topping the list for the busiest days are the 12th and 11th December, followed by 20th and 21st November, with the most emergency callouts across the five years for a heating engineer.


Busiest Dates for Heating Engineers (2015-2019) – percentage of overall enquiries in brackets

12th December (0.75%)

11th December (0.73%)

20th November (0.71%)

21st November (0.67%)

9th November (0.66%)

1st March (0.65%)

10th December (0.64%)

6th November (0.63%)

1st December (0.61%)

13th November (0.6%)


David Holmes, founder of Boiler Guide said: “The last thing a homeowner wants is for their heating system to fail in the middle of winter. However, as this research shows, heating engineers are at their busiest during the winter months. Only a single day out of the top 10 busiest falls outside November and December, which isn’t good news if your heating system fails at this time of year.


“In contrast to the busiest days, heating engineers are most available during the summer. And while the central heating isn’t often the first thing on the minds of many homeowners during this time of year, it’s evidently the best time of year to arrange an appointment with a heating engineer. That way homeowners can be confident their heating system will be up to the task of keeping the property warm throughout the winter.”


The quietest day of the year for callouts is 23rd December, with just 0.06% of enquiries falling on this day. Making up the rest of the top ten ‘quiet’ days are 23rd June, 14th May, 26th July, 9th July, 24th July, 2nd June, 21st June, 7th June and 22nd April, all with less than 0.1% of enquiries.

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