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Plumbing diary: Four weeks in and loving it


In the second of her monthly blogs, Level 2 plumbing student Rhiannon de Wreede tells how she’s getting on as she juggles going back to college, learning a new trade and being a mum.


Staggeringly, we are four weeks into the course and have developed a huge amount of new plumbing skills. The short version is I am loving it. The slightly longer version is that there have been ups and downs, practical and academic, sometimes within a 10-minute time frame.


The course is full-on, no two ways about it. At our college the day starts with three hours of practical, so far we have covered 15 and 22mm copper, 1\2 inch LCS, compression fittings, soldering, bending, offsets, passovers, x and z dimensions and an array of fittings.



When we’ve finished lunch we move onto our theory for the next three hours. After our first C and G theory assessment this week I have decided that I really do need the textbook!


Sensible and logical


Scientific Principles of Plumbing was the first module we undertook and I was pleasantly surprised at how sensible and logical it was.


Finally, we finished off the day (and ourselves) with a four-hour practical session, that finds me a bit worn out by the end. Tired but satisfied, we leave college at 8pm.


Looking to the future, many of my course mates would like to move onto the NVQ and discussion between our sessions often reverts to the necessary work-based show of competency. When the time comes it will be really interesting to see how everyone gets on finding a position and someone to assist them towards being fully qualified.


We have an electrical module before half-term and by Christmas, we’ll have covered cold water and hot water systems. We had a small demonstration with polybutylene piping and fittings and I know this is a commonly used material in plumbing. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


The things I know so far: I like and appreciate plumbing, I am learning a lot and I’m confident for my future within the industry. Bring on the SpeedFit!


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December 17, 2019
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