Polypipe launches new range of soil products

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Polypipe has launched a new range of soil products for the UK residential market.


PolySoil is constructed from single-piece moulding technology that improves the performance and longevity of the soil system by having no snap caps.


Soil systems expand and contract depending on the temperature of the water running through the system, and it is possible that over time the integrity of a snap cap fitting can be compromised leading to failure. PolySoil fittings are manufactured with one-piece moulding technology so they have no moving parts, therefore improving the life and integrity of a soil system.


The PolySoil range also incorporates a new fixed Ring Lock Seal that won’t distort, slip or drop through, allowing quick and easy installation, and giving installers peace of mind in their projects.


The new Ring Lock Seals are Polypipe blue in colour, making them instantly recognisible as a PolySoil fitting.


The PolySoil range holds Kitemark BS EN 1329 and is available in a number of finishes suitable for any residential application where the soil system may be visible following installation.


‘Faster and safer’


Paul Jackson, Above Ground Drainage Product Manager at Polypipe, said: “Polypipe has always been committed to investment in innovation, enabling us to regularly bring more forward-thinking solutions to the market.


“This investment in technology allows us to make advances within our product ranges, helping to make installation faster and safer for installers and contractors. With the PolySoil fittings, we have received excellent feedback from plumbers who have been able to install vertical soil systems more quickly due to the secure Ring Lock Seal.


“These advancements provide the end-user with peace of mind and that allow installers to fit and forget.”


For more information visit polypipe.com/polysoil

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