Coronavirus: Resources and advice

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The country has been in lockdown since March and we’ve been advised to stay in our homes as much as we possibly can. Colleges have closed and non-essential work is postponed, meaning you’re forced to try and carry on with your course from home for the foreseeable future.


To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled our most useful resources for learners and lecturers to help carry on as normally as they possibly can. Please keep checking back to this page as we will be updating it with more content to help you.


Keep checking our daily news feed for the latest on how the industry is reacting to the COVID-19 situation.



Exercises & Quizzes

Tutorial videos

How to videos

Useful links


Exercises & Quizzes


Download 20 Scientific Principles Questions – the answers can be found here.

Download 20 Level 3 Hot Water Questions – the answers can be found here.

If you’re using Zoom with your lecturer/learners, why not share your screen and play this Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? game for unvented systems!

Thanks to Sergio Afonso from Boston College for providing these exercises.


Remember, you can always access all of our past issues online for free, all of which have tons of useful exercises in – along with the answers. These are available on our Learning Resources page.


Make sure you follow us on social media, as we are posting a daily Kahoot challenge which you can access from your phone or laptop. Again, the full bank of more than 40 quizzes and hundreds of questions based on your syllabus is available in the Learning Resources page.


Access our Google Drive folder here which contains Boston College Plumbing Lecturer Sergio Afonso’s guided PowerPoint on Hot Water Systems.


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Tutorial videos


We are adding to these regularly, so keep checking in.



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How to videos


How to use press fit fittings

Using Polypipe PolyPlumb push fit

How to use compression fittings

How to use an integral solder joint

How to use a Weir cup

How to create LCS Pipe joints using PTFE tape

How to create LCS Pipe joints using hemp and paste

How to fit horizontal guttering

How to solder a joint

How to replace a fibre washer

How to cut LCS pipe

How to re-seat and re-washer a tap

How to bend LCS pipe

How to thread LCS pipe

How to use a pressure tester

How to replace a float valve

How to Install Polypipe PolySoil

Installer fault finding and repairs- Electric showers “Cold only”

Triton Dene Cool Touch Step by Step

Host installation Step By Step

T80 Pro Fit Step by Step

AS2000SR Power Shower Installation Video


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We broke down the Government’s official advice to help decipher what you need to know.


The Mental Health Foundation has compiled advice to help you, your friends and your family to look after your mental health.


Level 2 Plumbing student Rhiannon de Wreede revealed how things were left when the lockdown was imposed.


Here is the link to the Government’s official coronavirus advice page.


The Money Saving Expert website is great for breaking down advice about financial issues affecting the self-employed, furloughed staff and more.


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