Female plumber Hattie Hasan gets MBE in 2020 New Year’s Honours

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Hattie Hasan, the founder of Stopcocks Women Plumbers, has been awarded an MBE in the 2020 New Year’s Honours List.


Hattie, who founded Stopcocks in 1990, is being recognised for her services to women in the heating and plumbing industry.


After leaving her job as a teacher to retrain as a plumber, Hattie started her own business after struggling to find an employer willing to take her on.


National franchise


Some years later she realised that the small numbers of women in the industry meant they were all encountering similar obstacles and levels of isolation as her.


She made herself a website in 2007 and women began to contact her, asking for support and information on how to enter the industry and gain qualifications and experience.


Hattie receives emails and calls every week from women asking for her help and is also kept busy by customers in her home town of Todmorden and the Calder Valley.


In 2017 she relaunched Stopcocks as a national franchise, the only one of its kind anywhere for women in the heating and plumbing industry.


She launched the Women Installers Together Conference in September 2017 (now an annual event in July) for all female heating engineers, plumbers and their allies to meet and spend a celebratory day together.


Hattie said she is delighted at the recognition receiving an MBE will give her and the increased ability it will give her to highlight women heating engineers and plumbers, who remain seriously under-represented in the industry.


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