Fernox launches new installer pack for TF1 Sigma Filter

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Fernox has launched its new TF1 Sigma Filter Installer’s Pack, which includes the enhanced Cleaner F3 and Protector F1 500ml.


The three-in-one pack ensures installers have everything they need to clean and protect a domestic heating system.


A robust domestic filter, the TF1 Sigma Filter combines Hydronic Particle Separation (HPS) technology with a powerful magnet. This ensures both magnetic and non-magnetic debris is captured.


The filter has a sealed, lidless design. Having no lid reduces ongoing servicing and labour costs as there is no O-ring to replace each year. A compressed O-ring, which needs changing, may compromise the watertight reliability of a lidded filter.


‘It made sense’


Fernox Cleaner F3 is also included in the pack. This is a high performance, non-foaming chemical cleaner that has been reformulated to clean larger volume systems up to 130 litres, 16 radiators or 250sqm of underfloor. For 97% of all UK housing stock, only one bottle is required to clean the system.


The product starts to work after only one hour and can be left circulating in the system for up to seven days prior to flushing, which is especially useful for heavily contaminated systems.


Once clean, the system is ready for dosing with Protector F1. This reformulated chemical inhibitor offers even greater pH buffering and combines three different types of active inhibitors to form a protective barrier between the system metals and water. This prevents electrolytic corrosion from taking place and stops the build-up of sludge and limescale.


Francine Wickham, Fernox Global Marketing Director, said: “Following the success of the TF1 Omega Installer Pack and responding to market feedback, it made sense to offer a pack option for the plastic version of the filter with the introduction of TF1 Sigma Installer’s Pack.”


For more information about Fernox, visit www.fernox.com

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