Fernox Offers Reliable Water Treatment Solutions to Bugby Services

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Leading water treatment manufacturer Fernox has been selected as the main supplier of water treatment products to Bugby Services Limited.


The company’s gas safe and heating engineers rely on the industry leading Fernox chemicals, filters and testing products to tackle a wide range of customer requests quickly and ensure they can offer a quality service by keeping central heating systems operating efficiently. 

Based in Barking in East London, Bugby Services Limited opened in 2016 as a gas and plumbing company, offering its customers a number of services including boiler installations, repairs and servicing – as well as power flushing, gas safety inspections and general central heating system maintenance. 

The company works closely with a number of boiler manufacturers and it was on their recommendation that Bugby Services Limited decided to trial Fernox water treatment products. Michael Waring, owner of Bugby Services Limited explained: “Our contacts were really enthusiastic about Fernox – and it was their assurance of the reliability and quality of the Fernox products that encouraged us make the switch.” 

Bugby Services Limited’s engineers now rely on a wide selection of Fernox products, to ensure that they can easily and quickly comply with BS 7593:2019 and the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist. The team are always keen to introduce new innovations to their armoury – especially if it means they can get the job done quicker, whilst still delivering a quality service to customers. 

For example, the team recently started using the Fernox Express Inhibitor Test to speed up the annual testing process and ensure easy compliance with BS 7593:2019 and the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist.

This rapid dip-test checks for the presence of any molybdate based inhibitor within the system water and displays a pass or fail result in just seconds.

This has significantly reduced engineers’ time on site, as they know then are there whether to re-dose the system with Fernox Protector F1, rather than waiting for the results and having to make a repeat visit to site.

Michael said: “The Express Inhibitor Test has enabled us to take a really proactive approach to water quality and system testing. Our team use the test during boiler commissioning and the annual boiler service, to make sure the system contains the correct concentration of Fernox Protector F1. They simply have to dip the test strip into the system water and within seconds it changes colour – using the colour chart label on the bottle, our engineers can then work out if the system is fully protected. Next, they log the result using the Fernox Water Test App, which gives us a permanent record of each test – and means the customer can provide proof of the test to adhere to their boiler warranty.”

“The speed of the test means that time on site is kept to an absolute minimum, improving our efficiency and minimising disruption to our customers. If the system does need to be re-dosed with inhibitor, the team can quickly top up there and then, saving unnecessary hassle for them and the customer.” 

If the Bugby Services Limited team do have to re-dose the system with inhibitor, they use Fernox Protector F1 as it helps them to deliver reliable, long-lasting protection against sludge, scale and debris build up.

Each 500ml bottle can successfully treat systems up to 130 litres, 16 radiators and 250m2 of underfloor systems, which means that one bottle can successfully treat systems in over 97% of UK homes.

As a result, the chance of accidental underdosing is minimised, and the Bugby Services Limited team can be confident of customer satisfaction as every system is fully protected and will continue to work at optimum efficiency for longer.  

Bugby Services Limited also installs the industry leading Fernox TF1 Sigma Filter to provide further protection against the build-up of harmful sludge and debris in line with BS 7593:2019 and the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist. Its sealed design maximises installation flexibility so the engineers can easily fit the filter even in tight, difficult to reach places – making it suitable for any job. 

What’s more, the TF1 Sigma Filter ensures quick, easy and mess free cleaning, so the team can get the job done swiftly and improve their productivity across the week. They simply have to remove the magnet from the sheath and flush the magnetic and non-magnetic debris from the filter, using the drain valve located at the base. The whole cleaning process takes just minutes and as the filter does not utilise a lid or require replacement ‘O’ rings, it remains watertight even after the cleaning process. As a result, the team can deliver a fast, quality service without the worry of customer call-backs due to leaks. 

Michael concluded: “At Bugby Services Limited, we cover a wide variety of jobs. With the Fernox range of top-quality, easy to use water treatment products in their toolboxes, our team is  equipped to tackle any customer request. What’s more, the Fernox range means they can get the task done quicker, so they can fit more jobs in across the week. The reliability and quality of the products means that our team deliver a quality service to every customer.”

To find out more about Fernox, speak to your regional sales representative or visit: www.fernox.com

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