Gas Safety Week: Survey reveals 10% of Brits have never had their boiler serviced

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A tenth of Brits have never had their boiler serviced, a survey by Worcester Bosch has revealed.


With Gas Safety Week taking place this week, the manufacturer is highlighting the importance of regular boiler maintenance.


According to the Worcester Bosch’s survey, half of the nation has never asked for the service history of a boiler upon moving into a new house, with 18% believing that servicing is unnecessary until a boiler breaks down.


Problems for millennials


The survey also reveals that over a tenth of the population have never had their boiler serviced, and a further 20% haven’t had their boiler serviced for over 12 months.


Often, a boiler’s warranty is voided if it is not serviced at least once a year, meaning that a significant number of UK homes may have lost this opportunity. And the start of winter is the most common time for boilers to break down.


This could cause problems for much of the population, particularly millennials, of whom over a third said they would wait for their boiler to break down before servicing it. This fails to consider that when a boiler breaks down, the home is left without any hot water or heating until the boiler is fixed.


‘Safety risks’


Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester Bosch, said: “It’s extremely important to understand the importance of servicing your boiler.


“Not only does an annual service ensure the boiler is running smoothly, you could be subjecting yourselves and your loved ones to safety risks, particularly with older, open flue boilers.”


However, not all hope is lost. Northern Ireland should be commended on its gas safety knowledge.


According to Worcester Bosch, almost three quarters of the population knew that their warranty would be voided without regular servicing prior to completing the survey. Similarly, in the North East, almost double the population have had their boiler serviced in the past six months when compared with Londoners.

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