HIP Blog: Industry Insights with Starrett

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Following the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and huge changes being introduced across Britain’s heating and plumbing industry, HIP caught up with leading tool manufacturer Starrett, who gave their thoughts on these industry-wide challenges.


There is a reliance globally on electricity in industry, commerce and the home. The growth of renewables as a major new source of electricity supply and the ever increasing environmental requirements, with our world leaders promising to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, halve emissions by 2030, combined with the rapidly accelerating rate of technological development demands for low cost energy and high efficiency.

With these growing energy saving technologies the increase in variety of plumbing and heating systems now available being more efficient and environmentally friendly has also grown, the trend of renewing, renovating and extending not only the domestic property but commercial and industrial has seen an increase in installing systems like high-efficiency boilers, solar water heating and ground-source heat pumps as well as oil fired and solid fuel combustion appliances (including biomass and biofuels) heating and hot water systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems and sanitary conveniences and bathroom facilities.

Starrett recognises this demand with the creation of industry specific products that are high in performance, reliable and increase efficiency. Starrett’s ongoing Research and Development process collects data during every test and uses it to troubleshoot and determine any necessary adjustments to products. If a product is not performing effectively, testing continues until the product works as intended. The process to perfect a new product can take up to five years from drawing board to use by customers.

Trends are monitored across the industries very closely, if there are new materials or groups of materials, then the process of fine-tuning, testing, or redesigning starts.

Currently Starrett has become a leader who has set the standard for fine precision tools in industry for over 140 years and has rightfully earned the title, “World’s Greatest Toolmakers.” Now manufacturing more than 5,000 products including precision tools, blades and band saw machines, saw blades and accessories for hand tools and sophisticated metrology equipment.

Starrett’s industry solution products include Holesaws of which we are the No. 1 brand here in the UK, all the related Arbor’s and Accessories including our Ulti-mate and Kwik-change, handy Hole Enlargement Arbor, Core ejector and Debris Collector.

Hacksaw Frames and blades, jigsaw blades and Reciprocating blades all with our patented Bi-Metal technology resulting in our blades having a smoother faster cut, longer blade life with an increase resistance to tooth breakage and fracture resulting in lower cost per cut than our competitors.

A wide range of utility knives and our precision and measuring tools such as Tape measures and rules, levels, including our ever popular torpedo and exact plus levels, angle meters and laser distance measures, and a huge range of micrometers and gauges all of which can be stored safely in one of our Tool Bags.

Starrett’s other handy tool is its 5 star rated PowerCalc App. Free to download and exclusively for Starrett holesaws the app takes away any guess work. By entering a few simple details, it will calculate which hole saw you should use.

No matter what solution is required in terms of cutting and measuring, Starrett’s awareness of new technologies and trends keep them as one of the market leaders.

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