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Plumbing diary: Wading through Twitter

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In her monthly blogs, Level 2 plumbing student Rhiannon de Wreede tells how she’s getting on as she juggles going back to college, learning a new trade and being a mum.


Bending 22mm copper pipe is very different to soldering it and if you can possibly manage it don’t start bending at 7pm, the last hour at college! That’s my tip of the week!



A strange few weeks, getting to grips with more materials, making more rigs and using all our newly acquired knowledge and merging it in the form of something that doesn’t leak! Theory assessment on electrics was tough. Now I’m also even more sure that plumbing is where my interest lies rather than electricals… impressive nod to all the sparkies out there. I was asked many times why plumbing and not electrics, some things just fit!


Being around the workshop you begin to see some familiar faces and I bumped into an apprentice who has been nominated for the HIP Apprentice of the Year, Finn Ward. A man of few words, he was preparing some wall-mounted copper work that looked superb. Good luck Finn.


I follow a few heating and plumbing apprentices and tradespeople on Twitter, and I’m starting to see more people post their work. I think it’s great, no only does it encourage others but we need to be proud of our work and, as newbies, have an awareness of our industry. I enjoy seeing advanced installations and there is something incredibly pleasing about beautifully parallel pipes.


Social media has been good this week, Trades Talk, Betateach, Plumberparts and Stopcocks all adding to the plumbing online soup, the good and the bad. Not many people show their faces, which is interesting as so much of social media is image related and generally people are pretty quick to click and post. A picture with a person and pipes is even more interesting than a picture of pretty pipes…in my opinion.


Level 2 plumbing student Rhiannon de Wreede


We started cold water systems and I’m looking forward to getting a complete picture of such a large part of what plumbing is. Asking around about new innovations has left me with a mixed bag of thoughts. Things need change but also get better. Are the new changes in the industry better than what came before? Surely they must be. There are a few differing opinions out there and I can’t decide how it makes me feel. Sad that some people think things aren’t getting better, pleased that people are trying to change and be more efficient? I don’t know.


Whatever the case I do love a situation when no-one has the answers and if my research has shown me anything is that the future plumbing fits that category!


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