Worcester Bosch unveils prototype hydrogen boiler

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Worcester Bosch has unveiled a prototype boiler that runs on 100% hydrogen gas.


The prototype hydrogen boiler fits into the same footprint as a current natural gas boiler, according to Worcester.


The manufacturer says Hydrogen-ready boilers will be a direct replacement to natural gas, burning natural gas on initially and up until the switch to hydrogen takes place.


With a similar build to existing boilers, installers will already have most of the skills necessary to fit these products, too.


Last year, the UK committed to a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Steps are already being taken, for example in transport, where electric and hybrid cars have become more common and accessible.



But for the heating and hot water industry, removing carbon is much more difficult, largely because of the existing infrastructure, where the majority of UK homes use natural gas for heating.


With 15% of UK greenhouse gases coming from heat in our homes, it is clear that the UK will not meet its climate change targets without a change in home heating technology and fuel.


‘Familiar to homeowners and installers’


Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester Bosch, said: “The development of hydrogen-fired boilers will mean millions of existing heating systems in our homes can be saved, rather than the entire system needing to be replaced.


“The beauty of hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas is that as well as water as a by-product, Worcester Bosch has developed a technical solution that will feel familiar to both homeowners and installers.  The gas network is also in place, so homeowners won’t experience any major infrastructure disruption.


“With fully developed prototypes, various trials planned and many heating engineers and manufacturers in agreement that this could be a viable solution to decarbonise heating and hot water, we are hopeful that the future will be hydrogen.”


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